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The Sunless Citadel part six

Deep Gardens

July 12, 999NA

The Mary Jeans travel further into the fungus gardens under the Sunless Citadel, hoping still to find the Hucrele Twins and their companions.  Their intrusion begins to tax their resources as they face goblins, Bugbears, and undead in increasing numbers.

What strange secrets lie ahead, who is Belak, and is he responsible for this strange journey…?


Treasure Totals:

Silver: 264
Gold: 724

2 Onyx – 50 gp each
5 Agate – 25 gp each
4 sapphires – 50 gp each

Moonstone Earrings – 20 gp
Moonstone Necklace – 50 gp
Signet Ring – 20 gp
4 Jade Figurines – 15 gp each

24 Cutlery Sets – 1 gp each
Book of Dragon Lore – 150 gp
Book of Treasure of the Fire Lords – ?
Book of Druid Lore – 150 gp

4 Potions of Healing
4 Potions of Anti-toxin
Alchemist Fire
Scroll of Protection from Poison
Wand of Entanglement

12 Shields
11 Scimitars
10 Goblin-sized Leather Armor
10 Short Bows
200 Arrows
1 Spear
2 Longswords
1 Greatsword
1 Medium-sized Chainmail

The Sunless Citadel part six

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