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The Sunless Citadel part Five

The Death of Meepo

July 11-12, 999NA

The party has defeated and scattered the goblins of the Sunless Citadel.  A handful of goblin commoners scattered into the halls but none that presented a credible threat.  In the hobgoblin's "throne room" a shaft leading down to a lower level is discovered, covered in strange white vines of no plant that Sarin can identify.

The party follows sounds of an angry growl and a cut off shriek to a chamber that might have once held useful items, but now holds clutter and damaged furniture.  Partially hidden behind one such pile, they see the corpse of a goblin get dragged out of sight and hear the crunching of something devouring the body.  

Meepo and Saren enter the room, the kobold rushing forward only to be struck down with an angry bite and an aggressive growl in the draconian language, "Jailor…".

Meepo falls before the angry dragon's onslaught as the creature reveals both its magnificence and its weakness.  A powerful serpentine form with thick scales the color of porcelain, blood running down its maw, freezing like garish makeup.  The creature is chained to a ring in the floor, and doesn't seem to be able to leave the room.

Drago recovers Meepo's body in a heroic dash into the chamber, getting himself bitten badly in the process.  But the dragon is not done.

A spray of burning cold envelopes the party, badly injuring them all, and delivering a final, shattering, death to Meepo.  The party slams closed the door and flees, taking the remains of Meepo along.

A somber rest ensues and during the night they hear sounds that might be the dragon escaping.

The dragon's escape is confirmed after the party goes to investigate it's lair, uncovering an unprotected hoard of coins and items.  An ancient dwarves scroll hints at some mystery to be uncovered later.

The drop into the hole takes the party to a lower level where they encounter animated skeletons and more of the blights, as well as a bugbear and his combat rats….


Dear diary:

I’m not sure I like this adventure. It started out fun, but first a bunch of Meepo’s friends die, then we lose Meepo! And it’s all because of the stupid dragon we came to rescue! That’s gratitude for you. So, we failed our mission for the kobolds, our little buddy’s dead, and Kalkrix is doing gods-know-what. I swear, I’m going to give Kalkrix a colonoscopy with my sword next time I see it.

The Sunless Citadel part Five

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