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The Sunless Citadel part Four

One little, two little, three little goblins...

July 10-11, 999NA

A night's rest allows the Merry Jeans to recover themselves enough to continue their exploration of the goblin held half of the citadel.  Saren discovers that the goblins had set an alarm at the door, one that Dreepaghul circumvents, allowing the party to get the drop on the goblins.

After that, the party finds a roomful of goblins, seemingly the central lair.  The Merry Jeans fight off three waves of attackers and then confront the Hobgoblin leader of the tribe, and emerge victorious.

Now, where is that dragon…?


Dear Diary:

Today we fought a bunch of goblins in their home lair. A few goblin troopers held us up while the goblin civilians made their escape. Then some of the peasants turned around to fight us after we cut down the soldiers.

Sometimes I question my line of work.

The Sunless Citadel part Four

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