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Sunless Citadel Part Three

Shivering Timbers

July 9-10, 999NA

The Hunt for Calcryx takes the Mary Jeans and their kobold companion, Meepo, into the goblin held areas of the Sunless Citadel.  They find a prisoner, a gnome priest of Smiling Nick named Erky Timbers, whom they rescue.  They also free four kobold prisoners.

While investigating another fountain, they set off a trap, poison gas injures everyone except Dreepaghul, and kills the kobold prisoners.  

Erky opens the sealed door by invoking the power of Smiling Nick, and the party faces off against ancient skeletons.

With their resources depleted the party retreats to rest and recover.


Man, I feel really, really bad that Meepo’s friends died horribly. The worst part was, I kind of expected it, but at the same time, who labels a trap like that? If little Calcryx is dead I’m gonna feel even worse. Also, those two humans we’re supposed to find, but let’s face it: they’re probably fertilizer by now. I’m calling it: the magical life-giving fruit is made of people somehow. I hope our boss doesn’t expect us to just kill random people to feed the plant when we get back.

Sunless Citadel Part Three

One last hammer blow set the final piton into place sealing the door. Hopefully.

Drep looked around at the others. They weren’t the worst crew a body could get saddled with but they were definitely green. It was almost guaranteed that one of those fountains was going to do something nasty. At least the poison faded quickly.

The bigger danger had been whatever hoodoo that fancy half-elf had done. It was some impressive fireworks but the side effect of everyone bleeding like stuck pigs just about ended this little expedition. Drep decided to give “Chaos Magic” a wide berth from now on.

Drago had kindled a small fire and Tootall was tinkering with one of his gadets as the group discussed watch assignments. Two watches were decided and the (half) elves volunteered for the job. Being able to half-sleep like that would be handy.

Drep settled into a corner and had a look in his pack. He pulled out a wedge of hard cheese and a traveler’s loaf; eating with quick bites. He also checked the loot. Not bad so far. Drep decided he would tell them about 2 of the 4 jade figurines he had scooped. They probably deserved that much.

He did like the look of that flask though.

Sunless Citadel Part Three

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