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The Screaming Mine part one

Having defeated the leader of the Gnoll band and dispersed it, killing most of the stragglers.

Taking in payment for the completed job, the Mary Jeans and their new ally, Amy, travel first to Silent Falls, the trading center closest to the Screaming Mines.  Here they receive a warm welcome at Sally's Place and meet with the Local Hucrele House merchant, Abe.

After a small amount of resupply, the party makes the trip to the mine.  Strange, meandering tracks are discovered near the mine, that seem to belong go Maiathia, the Drow soldier they released a few weeks before.

Claiming she was only trying to get to the Underdark, the party insists that she accompany them.

At a gantry built to cover a collapse, the party is set upon by strange elastic hairless monkeys and carnivorous floating leather umbrellas.  In the midst of the combat, "Maiathia" reveals itself to be an imposter, some sort of shape shifting ooze that turns on the party.

One For Three parts One and Two

The Mary Jeans travel outside the kingdom and meet with Evelyn Hawkins, a druid who has retired to settle out in the grasslands with her family.  The Hawkins farm is being threatened by a group of gnolls and the company called "Bilgo's Brawlers" was initially dispatched to deal with them.  The Brawlers never returned.

Out in the grasslands, the party finds a strange burned circle that seems to be dragonfire related and a party of gnoll scouts with their savage hyena companions.

After spending a night at the Hawkins Farm, the party set back out to hunt the gnolls.  Here they met a new companion, Amy, an archer from this wild frontier who was also hunting the gnolls.

After meeting a second party of gnolls and giant hyenas, the newly strengthened Mary Jeans travelled to scout out the gnoll camp only to see the dragon arrive!

The dragon's rider, a cloaked figure with unnaturally thin limbs, dealt with the leader of the gnolls, making him promises and gifting a pair of saddlebags who's contents were unknown.  Dreepaghul and Saren got a good look at the dragon and beleive the creature to have been made forcibly docile.

The conversation between the dragon rider and the gnoll chief seemed to suggest a larger conspiracy at work…

What will the Mary Jeans do now…?

One for Three, prelude
Also an interlude

July 23-August 28, 999NA

Having completed the job Seamus Welker and returned to Fort Samuel, the Mary Jeans set to spending some of their hard won rewards on personal pursuits.

They are summoned to the League Headquarters late the next month and found themselves in a meeting with Lucian Courdry.  Courdry has only recently returned from Three Kings on a mission for the crown.  The missing adventuring companies are not a local event.

The Mary Jeans are to investigate the disappearances of three companies as yet unaccounted for:

  • Bilgo's Brawlers— last seen near a farming community over the border being threatened by gnolls
  • Scales of Balance— last seen on a personal request for Lord Colville of Alewife's Lodge.
  • Dice the Devil— last seen in the latest delve into the Screaming Mines.
One Dam Thing After Another part six
Mud bath of the damned

July 23, 999NA

Halls filled with strange web casting constructs and giant spiders stand between the Mary Jeans and their confrontation with the Drow Warlock,Igwilv.

The final confrontation takes place over a room full of boiling mud and includes spiders, lycanthropes, and Drow.  Magic and trickery war over the final victory as the party finally defeats the Drow, lifting the curse on the woodcutters and also on Drepaghul and Elyan.

treasures are plundered and the party is victorious, but now, will Drepaghul get his vacation?

One Dam Thing After Another part five
The Dark Elves

July 23, 999NA

Maiathia is the name of the Drow the party  takes prisoner.  She tells the party about her group having come to the ancient lair of the Bheur hag, Agnes Crackbones, after their leader gained visions of it from her patron, the Hunger Below.

This warlock, Igwilv, along with a magus named Ilvarren, lead a party of dark elves here and raided what remained of Agnes Crackbones' lair.  Something here seems to have allowed Igwilv to curse the lumber crew, creating the lycanthropes and even the Dire Beavers.

Maiathia warns that there are more Drow further in, including the leaders of the expedition.  Indeed, just past the next group of guards, the party faces off with Ilvarren, sho briefly turned Dreepaghul into a giant spider, unleashed a fantastic blast of fire, and nearly paralyzed the entire party.

With their resources starting to run low, will the Mary Janes opt to pull back for a longer rest, or will they push on, and face the Dark Elves with the element of surprise…

One Dam Thing After Another part Four
Tunnels and Tools

The trip back under the dam reveals more of the strange Dire Beavers and lycanthropic Beavers, but the Mary Jeans are better prepared now and the monsters are much more easily handled.  The tunnels lead deep under the ground, some are worked and might date back to the Old Age, others are newer.  During this trip, Elyan takes a particularly telling wound that still bothers him even after the wounds are healed…

One Dam Thing After Another part 3
Biting, chewing, handling

July 22, 999NA

The giant dam proves to be protected by more of the strange mutated "dire beavers".  The creature's aggression takes a toll on the Mary Jeans but our heroes emerge victorious.  

The western edge of the dam proves to be covering a tunnel into the bank that leads into old (but not ancient) worked stone chambers.  Drepagul and Too-Tall discover a poisoned hand crossbow dart trap at the entrance.

The group forces Drepagul to scout ahead and he spies more of the dire beavers and two of the strangely savage woodcutters.  When he reports his findings the party's dickering over a plan of action alerts the monsters and the element of surprise is lost.

A brutal fight ensues that involves Saren being dragged into the room before unleashing a devastating blast of thunder.  The two woodcutters are revealed to be savage were-beavers, and are seemingly immune to normal weaponry.  Elyan takes two serious bites to his arm and shoulder.

In the end the party finds its resources taxed.  Now that they have entered the lair and killed the watchers at the gates, dare they take the chance of a rest before coming further.

Just One Dam Thing After Another part 2

July 21, 999NA

After meeting with the staff in the logging camp, the Merry Jeans head north along the muddy river bed.  Eventually they come across the bodies of the last group of loyal men that had been sent to try and reason with the angry loggers.  One of the loggers was killed with a mithril tipped spear.

Later the party is attacked by vicious dire beavers!  A tough battle ensues and the Merry Jeans are victorious.

As the days draws close to an end, the party comes within sight of a huge beaver dam, blocking off the river… 

One Dam Thing After Another part 1

July 16-21, 999NA

The Mary Jeans return to Fort Samuel to report their mission completed.  Once there, they discover that many of the teams have vanished or been reported dead, as though there was an organized response to the league teams.

The party meets with Jean, the other half of their sponsor organization, and after a somewhat rocky start, the business and the team seem to be on more even footing.

Seamus Welker approaches the group and attempts to hire them to travel to Welker's Lot — a major lumber source for the military and private ship industry — and handle what seems on the surface to be a labor dispute turned violent.

Saren learns that the loggers might be in an area once occupied by a Bheur Hag named Agnes Crackbones.

The Sunless Citadel parts Seven and Eight

July 12-15, 999NA

The Mary Jeans confront and defeat Belak,the corrupted Druid who was attempting to make thralls to the Gulthias Tree.  Sir Bradford and Sharwyn Hucrele are rescued but her twin brother was unfortunately killed before the party reached the Tree.  The party decided to search out the remainder of the unexplored rooms, encountering more draconic iconography and an elf that had been transfigured by a curse into a troll and sealed away in a tomb. A demon of some lesser kind was watching over the  tomb but was also dispatched.

Collecting their rewards the party made their way home to Fort Samuel and perhaps a new assignment….


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