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The Sunless Citadel parts Seven and Eight

July 12-15, 999NA

The Mary Jeans confront and defeat Belak,the corrupted Druid who was attempting to make thralls to the Gulthias Tree.  Sir Bradford and Sharwyn Hucrele are rescued but her twin brother was unfortunately killed before the party reached the Tree.  The party decided to search out the remainder of the unexplored rooms, encountering more draconic iconography and an elf that had been transfigured by a curse into a troll and sealed away in a tomb. A demon of some lesser kind was watching over the  tomb but was also dispatched.

Collecting their rewards the party made their way home to Fort Samuel and perhaps a new assignment….

The Sunless Citadel part six
Deep Gardens

July 12, 999NA

The Mary Jeans travel further into the fungus gardens under the Sunless Citadel, hoping still to find the Hucrele Twins and their companions.  Their intrusion begins to tax their resources as they face goblins, Bugbears, and undead in increasing numbers.

What strange secrets lie ahead, who is Belak, and is he responsible for this strange journey…?

The Sunless Citadel part Five
The Death of Meepo

July 11-12, 999NA

The party has defeated and scattered the goblins of the Sunless Citadel.  A handful of goblin commoners scattered into the halls but none that presented a credible threat.  In the hobgoblin's "throne room" a shaft leading down to a lower level is discovered, covered in strange white vines of no plant that Sarin can identify.

The party follows sounds of an angry growl and a cut off shriek to a chamber that might have once held useful items, but now holds clutter and damaged furniture.  Partially hidden behind one such pile, they see the corpse of a goblin get dragged out of sight and hear the crunching of something devouring the body.  

Meepo and Saren enter the room, the kobold rushing forward only to be struck down with an angry bite and an aggressive growl in the draconian language, "Jailor…".

Meepo falls before the angry dragon's onslaught as the creature reveals both its magnificence and its weakness.  A powerful serpentine form with thick scales the color of porcelain, blood running down its maw, freezing like garish makeup.  The creature is chained to a ring in the floor, and doesn't seem to be able to leave the room.

Drago recovers Meepo's body in a heroic dash into the chamber, getting himself bitten badly in the process.  But the dragon is not done.

A spray of burning cold envelopes the party, badly injuring them all, and delivering a final, shattering, death to Meepo.  The party slams closed the door and flees, taking the remains of Meepo along.

A somber rest ensues and during the night they hear sounds that might be the dragon escaping.

The dragon's escape is confirmed after the party goes to investigate it's lair, uncovering an unprotected hoard of coins and items.  An ancient dwarves scroll hints at some mystery to be uncovered later.

The drop into the hole takes the party to a lower level where they encounter animated skeletons and more of the blights, as well as a bugbear and his combat rats….

The Sunless Citadel part Four
One little, two little, three little goblins...

July 10-11, 999NA

A night's rest allows the Merry Jeans to recover themselves enough to continue their exploration of the goblin held half of the citadel.  Saren discovers that the goblins had set an alarm at the door, one that Dreepaghul circumvents, allowing the party to get the drop on the goblins.

After that, the party finds a roomful of goblins, seemingly the central lair.  The Merry Jeans fight off three waves of attackers and then confront the Hobgoblin leader of the tribe, and emerge victorious.

Now, where is that dragon…?

Sunless Citadel Part Three
Shivering Timbers

July 9-10, 999NA

The Hunt for Calcryx takes the Mary Jeans and their kobold companion, Meepo, into the goblin held areas of the Sunless Citadel.  They find a prisoner, a gnome priest of Smiling Nick named Erky Timbers, whom they rescue.  They also free four kobold prisoners.

While investigating another fountain, they set off a trap, poison gas injures everyone except Dreepaghul, and kills the kobold prisoners.  

Erky opens the sealed door by invoking the power of Smiling Nick, and the party faces off against ancient skeletons.

With their resources depleted the party retreats to rest and recover.

The Sunless Citadel part two
The Kobold's Agenda

July 9, 999NA

The Sunless Citadel proves to be occupied by more than just goblins, as the Merry Jeans meet Meepo, a kobold with a problem:  A stolen white dragon!

The Kobolds' leader, Yusdrayl, offers to give the party information if they simply get the dragon back from the goblins who stole it.  So the Merry Jeans proceed into the goblin's half of the building, encountering a magical fountain and locked door that gives off unnatural cold.

Finally, a door reveals a pair of goblin guards behind a barricade and across a caltrop strewn hall.  Will the Merry Jeans stop the goblins before they call an alarm…?

The Sunless Citidel part one
Or First Dance with Merry Jean

July 3-9, 999NA

Fort Samuel's newest adventuring company forms: The Merry Jeans.  While dreams of glory are fine, the reality of it seems to be hard to come by, as companies with greater reputations seem to command all the available missions.  A lucky break occurs, however, when the group is celebrating the eve of the Fire Festival (a day holy to the town's namesake — Samuel) and chance meets Lucian Courdry.

Courdry leads the Umber Hulks, a renowned party of noble relations and their friends.  Lucian is called to the capital on official business, and needs to subcontract the Hulks' most recent mission— an opportunity the Merry Jeans are quick to take advantage of!

  • In the Village of Oakhurst, the head of a small but somewhat influential trading house has lost her two adult children to the siren song of "Scab Adventureing".  Kerowyn Hucrele wants her children returned to her, or failing that, she wants their house signet rings.  
  • Talgen and Sharwyn Hucrele left to explore a local dungeon nicknamed the "Sunless Citadel" in the company of person identifying themselves as "Sir Bradford" (who may or may not be an actual knight) and his companion, a dragonborn hunter named Karrakus.  They have been gone a week and a half when the party arrives in town.
  • Goblins of the Durbuluk tribe seem to lair in the Citadel, and once a year at midsummer come to trade a single magical fruit to the folk of Oakhurst.  This fruit is rumored to have healing properties but when it's seeds are cultivated, the plant is always stolen before reaching maturity.  Angio Belvedere of the Wizard's Tower in Fort Samuel would be willing to pay for an intact fruit or some of the seeds.

The party makes out for the Sunless Citadel and camps a short distance away.  Overnight, strange blighted plant monsters attack, but the party is able to overcome them with only "Too Tall" taking any injury.

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